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Statistics on how internal communication pros use social media [INFOGRAPHIC]


Over the last few years, the amount of resources available to internal communication pros has increased dramatically. And not just in quantity, but quality as well. One of my favorite ones is Rachel Miller's Diary of an Internal Communicator. The data in this infographic Rachel pulled together caught my eye. 

I'm guessing that those internal communicators who responded were already socially-inclined. I'm not saying the data is skewed at all, but more that the data included is even that much more valid. 

It's not all surprising that Yammer and Sharepoint are the two most prominent internal social networks being used, especially with Microsoft's purchase of Yammer earlier this summer. I'm sure that smooths over any IT involvement.  

What did surprise me though is that when asked who introduced the idea of an internal social network, just as many IT pros suggested it as communication employees. Lesson learned here for communicators: IT may not be all that bad. 

Blogs are king. 

But of all the social media channels, blogs rule supreme for internal communication education. 86% cited blogs as their main resource. That's great to know. And one of the reasons I've enjoyed blogging about corporate communication over the years. 

Coming up second is face-to-face communication with collleagues. Fortunately, LinkedIn groups come in third (albeit a distant one).

The fact that only 91% of communicators use LinkedIn is very disappointing.

I will be the first to admit that I'm a LinkedIn junkie. But that nearly one of 10 communicators do not use the site is a mistake made by those not participating. LinkedIn can be and is a tremendous resource for those looking for new advice on employee communication strategies, as well as a simple way to connect with others in similar roles. 

And that Twitter outpaces LinkedIn is even more surprising, 94% to 91%. 


Internal Communications and social media infographic

Image originally posted on Diary of an Internal Communication, by Rachel Miller