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Internal communications: Is time being wasted on email?


According to this report from  Altos Origin, the average employee spends 40% of their working time on internal email. Now is that time "wasted" as the article suggests? That word might be a bit harsh but we all know that we all receive way too many emails. 

employees waste 40% of time on emailBut 40% of our time? That's a ton. 

When I work with companies, one of their usual communication complaints is that their company sends too much email. And this is a common problem. Their hope is that running a digital signage network for employee communications will help reduce the amount of email. 

It can, but will it?

The only way for a company to stop reducing emails is simply. Stop sending them. Alternate communication channels can certainly help but it's got to be part of a cultural shift so that employees aren't spending two days a week dealing with internal email. 

Email used to be special. Now it's easy. If you ask employees how they like to be communicated with, I'm pretty sure email won't rank at the top of the list. But we all default to it because it's easy. Whether it's a snappy response, or a note to an entire group, with just a few strokes of the keys and a hit of the SEND button, the email is on its way. 

But as we know, the easiest way to communicate is not always the effective way to communicate. The challenge to communicators is determining the best vehicle for their messages. Maybe email is it. Maybe it isn't. 

But if your workforce is spending two days a week dealing with email, you can guarantee that your corporate communication emails are being filtered out. If that's the case, then easy just doesn't cut it. You're wasting your time. 



photo credit: didbygraham via photopin cc